How does it work?

How does it work?

Lushtunes is a marketplace for artists to sell their music and services for a wider audience than friends and family. For some, this seems like a daunting task and a bit scary, but it is not. In fact, it is as easy as brushing your teeth in the morning.

How does it work then?
Our idea is that you, the creator, sign up, create a store that is either your artistic name or brand, and once that is done you can start selling your products, i.e. your music. Once you have created a product, a track or an album, you set the price you want and add a little 30-second teaser and write some text about the track and you are ready to go.

What about the money?
As an artist, you get 100% of the purchase price and Lushtunes get 0%. So if you sell something for 10 EUR you get 10 EUR and we get 0 EUR for each sale that happens. We think this is far better than what record companies offer as well as other online vendors that offer similar services. It's only fair that the artist gets the bigger portion.

How much can I make using Lushtunes?
That depends on many factors, but the main one being you. For instance, if you sell only one product or track and you've priced well above the average, then yes, you might not be able to sell as many copies, but the ones you do sell you get a bigger cut from. So, it all depends on what you do with the product that you are selling.

We encourage everyone that wants to start selling their music online, to look at what is on offer at the moment and what they do ni order to sell their music. Marketing your music is one thing another is getting your fans to buy it. We do not mind being your exclusive retailer for your music, in fact we want to be your exclusive retailer.

Can record labels sell music on Lushtunes?
Yes, of course, they can. We are open to everyone and not limiting who the service is for. Record companies do need to validate that they have the right to sell the music via Lushtunes.

Can I sell someone else's music?
No, you can not. If you sell Ariana Grande's new single on Lushtunes without her or her record company's approval you will be permanently banned and reported to the authorities, it's that simple. You are only allowed to sell music that you yourself have created, music that you hold the copyright for. An unsolicited remix or cover of someone else's music is not okay to sell, unless you have their permission in writing to market and sell it. Original works created by you is always best, as those define you as an artist. - Planet Earth's #1 accommodation site - Planet Earth's #1 accommodation site